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Take a New Look at

Tekla Structures

From a new subscription offering that provides more license
flexibility while dramatically lowering the initial cost to under
$5,000 to new features that minimize the risk of detailing errors,
reduce rework and streamline data organization, there has never
been a better time to take a new look at Tekla Structures.  With
Tekla’s proven commitment to innovation, you can be assured 
this platform will continue to be the industry’s leading steel
detailing software.

If you are ready to take a new look at Tekla Structures,
request a custom quote and you’ll be surprised at its

What makes Tekla Structures the best structural
software in the market is our desire to update
and adapt our software to the needs of our users.
 Take advantage of improved features that can
make your team more data-driven and connected.


It’s now possible to access the best structural
BIM software with a lower upfront investment,
making Tekla Structures more accessible
and more flexible than ever before. 
Now is the time to  upgrade your BIM software.

Tekla’s time-proven commitment to innovation
has led to a track record of version releases
focused on market-driven improvements
that drive efficiencies, increase collaboration
and mitigate the risk of costly errors.

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